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Hair Growth Tips | Top 10 Tips For Hair Growth

Long hair is not unattainable! Today, most women’s concern is to have long and silky hair. Long hair has a unique charm and can attract everyone’s attention. That’s why the majority of women are looking for this charm. In this article, we provide information about hair growth tips, The stages of hair growth and root strengthening.

Natural hair growth factors:

First of all, it is necessary to know how hair grows.
Hair growth has 3 stages,
1: Anagen
2: catagen
3: telogen

1: The first phase of anagen, which is the same as the growth phase and usually takes 2 to 6 years, is followed by the phase of anagen.

2: In the catagen stage, the transfer and regeneration of the follicle occur.

3: Telogen is the final stage in which hair growth stops. Therefore, every year, human hair grows approximately 15 cm on average.

10 Simple Hair Growth Tips For Natural Hair Growth:

1. Scalp Massage:

• Scalp massage helps your hair grow faster. Boost blood and circulation to the follicles by gently massaging and moving your scalp with your finger pads.

2. Cut The Ends Of Your Hair:

Cut the ends of your hair regularly, so it does not get frizzy.
• Trimming your hair every 12 to 15 weeks can make it look healthier and thicker.
• To get rid of split ends, you must trim your hair at regular intervals.

3. Avoid using chemical shampoos and washing your hair frequently.

4. Do not use a hairbrush and iron to straighten your hair too much.

heat products are going to damage your hair follicles & will make your hair dry. So try to minimize the usage.
Instead of heat tools try …
• Hair Spa
• Natural Conditioner like egg
• Natural Aloe-Vera pulp.

5. Reducing Stress:

Reducing stress and anxiety helps to grow fast and strengthen the hair bulb.

6. Drinking Water:

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily is necessary for your hair’s natural growth.

7. Do not wrap your hair in a towel when it is wet.

8. Try to massage your hair with warm oil from time to time.

9. Avoid frequent use of dyes and keratin chemicals.

10. Avoid models and accessories that put pressure on the hair roots.

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